Birth Photography

Let's Document Your Birth Story
Whether you choose to give birth at a hospital, a birth center or at home, your birth is unique, and your birth story deserves to be documented.




  • 3rd Trimester in-person consultation before birth (it can also be over the phone, text or e-mail, whichever way you prefer)

  • A complimentary Maternity or Newborn Session

  • 24/7 on-call availability from week 38 of your pregnancy

  • Labor and delivery coverage from active labor until birth, and up to 2 hours after birth to capture the first moments

  • 100+ professionally edited digital images delivered in a private online gallery for downloading, along with printing rights

  • Payment plans are available.

Birth FAQ

When should I book you?

As early as you feel comfortable! Due to the ‘on call’ nature of birth photography I take a limited number of births each month, so space is limited.
A non-refundable hold-the-date retainer is required to be added to my calendar.

What if I have a fast labor and you miss the birth?

If you're having a super fast labor, I'll make every effort to arrive with enough time to capture your full birth story, but in the unlikely event I miss your birth, I'll still come to your place of birth and take photos and document your story as it unfolds.

What if you get sick at last minute or have an emergency and can’t make it to the birth?

I will not attend your birth if I am showing contagious symptoms such as fever, vomiting, and new cough. If I am recovering from a cold, I will voluntarily wear a mask.
In case of sickness or family emergency on my part, I work with two wonderful photographers that serve in the Charleston area who could be my backup for your birth.
These wonderful photographers are:
Krista from Seed & Stem Photography
Brianne from Charleston Birth Stories

In the unlikely event that my backups also miss your birth, all fees paid to date will be refunded or converted into a series of family sessions at your discretion.

When will you show up?

I like to arrive sometime during your active labor. If your care provider is doing cervical checks - ideally I'd like to be with you from 6 centimeters onward. If you are not being checked, I come when you have an active pattern of contractions:

For first time moms, this means a pattern of contractions 3 minutes apart, lasting for 1 minute, consistently for about an hour.
If you’ve given birth before, we look for contractions that are 5-6 minutes apart, lasting for one minute, consistently for about an hour.

What about payment plans?

I work with you to create a payment plan that works for you. There is an initial, “save-the-date” retainer of $500 and the remaining balance is due by week 36 and can be paid on monthly installments.

Will you share my birth photos online?

All birth clients receive full privacy; names and photos will not be shared without permission.