Recently, I had the honor photographing an extended family session where a close-knit family gathered to commemorate their matriarch and patriarch's 50th wedding anniversary. They had decided to meet up at Folly Beach, which was the perfect place to get together and celebrate with 4 generations of children, grand-children and great-grand-children!

Photographing 4 generations together created an opportunity to document the family's unique evolution and individual milestones. A mix of candid individual and group shots captured each family unit's unique dynamic. This milestone session was an incredible glimpse into a half-centrury of love, dedication and enduring commitment and witnessing such multi generational kinship was incredibly inspiring! As a lifestyle family photographer, being part of such moments is such a passion project for me!

If you're looking to create your own memorable family session or capture any other special moments, say hello! I'm here to help you preserve and celebrate your unique story and I'd love to hear from you!