Welcome to the magical world of childbirth, where emotions run wild, and joy knows no bounds!

Hiring a birth photographer is like having your very own time-travel machine, granting you to relive those unforgettable moments for years to come. The photos encapsulate the raw emotions, facial expressions, and the intimate connections shared between partners, family and medical professionals. These images become heirlooms that enable families to transport themselves back to the day that changed their lives forever.

Birth photography goes far beyond capturing single moments; it tells a compelling story. From the contractions to the first glimpse of the baby, your birth photographer crafts a visual narrative that narrates the intensity, vulnerability, and triumph within the delivery room. These images depict the journey from labor to birth, reflecting the strength and love that culminate in one wondrous instant.

Given the unpredictability and complexity of births, it's crucial to rely the task of photography to a professional. Birth photographers possess the technical proficiency, necessary equipment, and experience to navigate the high-pressure environment of a delivery room. We can adapt quickly to different lighting conditions, position ourselves discreetly, and ensure that we don't intrude on the process while still capturing those monumental seconds.

I am accredited by the International Association of Birth Photographers, and in the process of receiving a professional certification as a birth worker, and follow a strict Code of Ethics and Conducts through The Beauty in Birth®. I serve moms in Charleston and surrounding areas including James Island, Johns Island, West Ashley, Mt Pleasant, North Charleston and Summerville.

Birth photography has the power to honor and document the strength, resilience, and beauty of mothers. By showcasing the physical and emotional journey moms go through during childbirth, birth photography can empower women and help them embrace their superpowers!

Hiring a birth photographer is an investment that yields an invaluable return—an investment in preserving the memories, emotions, and a legacy of your strength.

mom laboring in birthing pool
charleston doula supporting home birthing mom
midwife at homebirth
dad and doula helping mom transition during labor
dad holding newborn after delivery
cutting the cord at home birth
baby brother meeting newborn sister at home